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A star, named Stella, has fallen deep into the universe and is now on a voyage to create a system of constellations. He jumps from platform to platform with a map to help him light up the stars. But beware, there are many obstacles that could prevent Stella from accomplishing his goal to create a beautiful new galaxy!


Ryan Ferguson

Katie Lucas

Oneil Mignott

Bryan Tavarez

Christopher Ward


There are limited movements for the player. The character has the ability to move in four (4) directions left, right, up, and down along the platforms within the game; left and right move the character along a row of platforms, whereas up and down move the character between rows of platforms. He can move one platform for every movement.

The game has a fixed camera. The camera is also zoomed-out to show the entire play area and allow the placement of a map (to indicate what the constellation looks like) and a score area.


The levels are made up of circular platforms. Some platforms are black and some are yellow (indicating those platforms are part of the constellations). The player has one objective, activate all of the platforms that are indicated on the map by landing on them. The trick is avoiding the enemies that are moving around on each level.

You can use the satellite teleportation to move across the platforms.


Main Character: Stella, the Star

Enemies: Alien, Asteroid, Robot, Radioactive Satellite


StarVoyage_OSXBuild.app.zip 70 MB
Star voyage (3).zip 225 MB

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